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dry season is probably the principal factor in the disappearance of permanent populations from the Bovu and Sinde Rivers, and changes to the Ngweze River population (Dodman 1995c). This is exacerbated by a decrease in the annual rainfall in the species’s habitat of, on average, about 5 mm per year between 1950 and 1995, increasing the species’s reliance on artificial water sources (Warburton and Perrin 2005d). The recent establishment of hand pumped boreholes along the catchments of the Ngweze, Sichifulo, and Machile rivers may lead to a decrease in the availability of surface water as people reduce their water source creation activities in riverbeds (Warburton and Perrin 2005d). In some areas, water pools are poisoned to kill fish and this can impact the species (Dodman 1995c). The species may be threatened by the declining dry season availability of water in temporary rivers in south western Zambia, due to declining levels of rainfall (T. Dodman in litt. 2007). Mopane woodland is exploited for firewood
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Cheap wholesale jerseys of most cover letters, there’s a statement that includes phrases such as wanting to meet in an interview so that the applicant can "show how I could contribute to the success of your company" (or something like that). This is what I would call a "benefits statement," a statement of how the company will benefit from hiring you. This kind of statement seems like a nice, appropriate, and positive thing to say, but usually it is put in almost as an afterthought at the end of the letter. Actually, the "benefits statement" is the major reason why the company would want to hire you at all. It needs to be at or near the beginning of the letter, and it needs to be more elaborated or specific. It is, in fact, the reason why the reader would want to read the rest of your letter and then ask you in for an interview. Consider this example: "I believe that my expertise and experience can help your company significantly reduce not only the obvious but also the hidden

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