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Dallas for art history institute Philanthropist Edith O’Donnell, a strong proponent of education and the arts, has made a $17 million gift to the University of Texas at Dallas to establish an institute of art history, university officials confirmed Thursday. The 87 year old donor, who lives in Dallas, cited UTD for its "commitment to building excellence in art history with vision, focus and creativity." Last November, the campus’s $60 million Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology building was dedicated in her name. O’Donnell’s gift is the latest in her family’s decades of giving to institutions such as UT Southwestern Medical School, the innovative nonprofit Big Thought and the University of Texas, from which she graduated. Arts executives hailed the development, saying the advent of a strong art history program will bolster the cultural environment of North Texas. One of the state’s best art history programs is at her alma mater, as part of UT’s College of Fine Arts. Other elite art history programs are

Cheap NFL jerseys development, narrative voice and structure make "My Sunshine Away" a rich, unexpected, exceptional book. Set in the summer of 1989 in an affluent neighborhood of Walsh’s hometown of Baton Rouge, La., "My Sunshine Away" is a Southern novel in the tradition of Styron, Welty, Conroy and Faulkner, its lush landscapes and sweltering days rising fragrant and full from the page. "Even the fall
Cheap jerseys of night offers no comfort," Walsh writes of Baton Rouge. "There are no breezes sweeping off the dark servitudes and marshes, no cooling rains. Instead, the rain that falls here survives only to boil on the pavement, to steam up your glasses, to burden you." The idyllic childhood of Walsh’s unnamed narrator, age 14 at the time of the story, 30 something as he looks back to tell the tale, is a high contrast backdrop to the grisly crime that opens the book and pulls the story’s tension tight. "There were four suspects in the rape of Lindy Simpson. I should tell you now that I was one of

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